Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Choco Taco Tuesday

We weren't settling with just tacos today - no sir!  Daddy happened upon some Chaco Tacos, and we had ourselves tacos for dessert as well.  This was a well deserved taco break from the day.  We had a lot of skit writing going on with Daddy, while Madison was hard at work doing piano practice - and some drawing as well.  Earlier today, we had a dentist visit for Madison.  This went very well, and very quickly too.  I think we're at a place now where things are fairly routine for her.  That is, just as long as she remembers to floss!

Mommy is feeling better today, which is great.  Finally, we can put this chapter behind us.  This ugly virus has gotten us all messed up since the middle of April or something like that.  It's been ridiculous!

Tonight, to get into our 'heroes' frame of mind, we watched another hero movie:  "Megamind."  We like this one a lot.  Josh has been spending the night lately - it's a tradition around Summer Xtreme time.  He has such a drive up to the north part of Habersham County, so during these really busy work seasons, he spends the night with us.  He sat down to watch "Megamind" with us tonight, and then it was off to bed for pretty much everyone.  This season, you've got to have a good night's rest, and find it wherever you can!

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