Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dark Clouds

Rain storms popped up across the state, that sudden rush of wind with a startling bit of thunder followed by the heavy downpour.  It was actually quite nice.  At no point were we ever in any danger of severe weather, but the very idea of thunder and wind in the spring time suggests that there could be trouble.  Yet there was not, and all was well.  The ground and plants are soaked, and looking rather lush right now.

Daddy's fever is going down somewhat, although it is evident he still has some distance to go on this recovery.  We have all kinds of medication to take, and so be it.  It seems to be working, as do the many prayers that have been offered up over the last two days.  Word has spread, and we've received a lot of encouraging notes, where friends and family have offered up prayers.

As we were not 100% today, we opted out of the speech therapy class, out of driving down 400, out of struggling to get back through rush hour traffic.  Considering the weather and traffic, this was probably a wise idea.  The fever comes back later in the day, and things generally slow down for Daddy.

Which is why we popped in a movie!  The sequel is coming out soon, so we watched - again - "Alice in Wonderland," in preparation for part two in the theaters.  Of course, we pretty much have this movie memorized between the three of us.  Regardless, we enjoyed it again.  We're all mad here.

Madison was working on her Chopin, and it is sounding good.  I have no doubt we'll be ready for our recital not long from now.  She was also working on her magazine somewhat - we only have three pages to go until we are done!  Meanwhile, Mommy has been cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.  She's getting rid of things, moving things about, putting things in order.  Soon, Nana and Ba-Ba will be here, and the house will be as tidy as it can possibly be!

Daddy was preparing for Summer Xtreme and our Superheroes series a bit today - he even wrote a Captain America-themed message for that last service of "Superheroes."  It will be around the 4th of July, so why not?  The funny thing:  I thought a happy thought about what I did.  Here I was, sick and all, but I still finished a message and did some good.  And as soon as I raised my hand in praise, I kid you not:  the internet crashed.  Fortunately, I didn't lose everything.  In fact, some of it was so fresh that I was able to retype it quickly.  But it was awfully coincidental timing, wasn't it?

So this has been a bad week for Disney.  Apparently, their second quarter earnings weren't so great, and as a result, we've got some major cancellations.  The first, and probably biggest to hit us, would be Disney Infinity.  They actually decided to cancel Disney Infinity.  This was the number one toys-to-life game, with Marvel and Star Wars and Pixar and  Disney, and it was number one last year, right?  So why cancel this?  Because they had to overproduce things is what we're reading, and that created a lot of losses.  So why not scale back, why not build on the success?  Why kill it all completely?  We'll no doubt continue to get the rest of the Disney Infinity figures that we do not have, and complete the collection.  But that's probably it for the toys-to-life games.  There's too many pieces involved, too many things to collect.  This was fun, and I guess we should be grateful for that, and maybe there'll be something fun coming around the corner.  Madison was looking at the next LEGO games, so those might be fun.  Anyway, it was a big thing for us, Daddy and Madison playing Disney Infinity all these years together.  Madison still wants to plug in the old games from Disney Infinity #1, namely the "Lone Ranger" playset.  We'll do that.

Also cancelled today was any hope of season three of "Agent Carter," which left everyone with a cliffhanger that will be unresolved, I guess?  That's a bummer too.  That didn't affect Madison so much, but that was part of Mommy and Daddy's date night.  We were also looking forward to a new show that just got cancelled as well, "Marvel's Most Wanted."

We'll get over it!  Lots of folks were upset about all this, as you can imagine.  But there are bigger things to get upset about, as always.  We just don't talk about those issues so much here.  But there is one that's smoldering right now on the political scene, and it seems as if there's a storm brewing, dark clouds and thunder looming, getting closer.  We'll see if it blows over quickly like the storms of today... and we'll pray for minimum damage...

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