Sunday, May 22, 2016

Out of the Hospital

Madison went to the hospital with us after church today, where we visited with Na-Na, who is doing much better.  She was grateful to see us all - we spent a good deal of time with her this afternoon simply talking.  Pastor Lance came with us, and afterwards, he and Daddy went to visit a few other friends at the hospital.  Busy time there!

Na-Na is doing so well, in fact, that she was allowed to go home this afternoon.  It'll take a bit of time to heal, and remove the clots, but her thinking is that she can heal up at home.  That being said, if all is well tomorrow, they'll make their trip home back to Florida.

We had Napoli's pizza tonight, although Mommy did not.  The sickness has finally reached her now, and sadly, she was off to bed early tonight.  We'll see how she does this week, but we may be making a return trip to the doctor's to check on her so she doesn't wind up following the path that Daddy took.  While at the grocery store today, Daddy was picking up prescriptions for Na-Na, and also some soups for Mommy.  He got some of that Wolfgang Puck butternut squash soup, got home, and heated it up for her as a special surprise.  It's gluten free, and it was good to take care of Mommy.  We were doing that tonight, tucking her in and doing our best to take care of her.

This morning at KidPak, we wrapped up the storyline with Spy Games, and all was well in the spy community!  This was a fun series, actually.  We've been watching spy movies here and there - this week, Madison wants to watch the "Spy Kids" movies again.  Another one we have to watch before the end of the week is "Inspector Gadget."  Next week's final message of the series involves a bit of Inspector Gadget.  Who is awesome, by the way.

We did a bit of Disney Infinity 3.0 today, and despite the fact that they shut down the whole thing so amazingly abruptly, we're still going to be picking up those last remaining figures.  That being said, one of Madison's rewards for a successful recital with that Chopin Waltz was a Darth Maul figure.  That she got, and today we had a bit of a Sith-fest, as Darth Maul and Kylo Ren spent an hour this afternoon battling waves of enemies in the Jedi Temple.

So all is well.  Except for the fact that Summer Xtreme starts soon.  Very stressful, that all is.  To find peace, we think of beyond those days in June, somewhere past that where waves hit a beach and we find ourselves resting in the sea breeze.  Ahhh... I can almost feel that now...

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