Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Return of the Tooth Fairy

Okay, this is not the Tooth Fairy.  This is a costume Daddy had to wear this afternoon while shooting our movie for Summer Xtreme.  This is a villainous character who doesn't stand much of a chance against a team of heroes - his name is Shockwave, and he has the powers of vibration.  We filmed his segment behind the Sam's Club in Oakwood.

This morning, the Tooth Fairy did come though!  Madison found a new Vinylmation character, a few dollars in quarters, and even some currency all the way from China.  The Tooth Fairy is a world traveler!

We're wrapping up the school year, and today of course was the last Tuesday of 3rd Grade.  But also, it was the last day of piano classes with Mrs. Pam too.  This is a funny sort of day, one where Mrs. Pam has some last things to teach, and some assignments over the summer.  But the thing the kids look forward to the most are the water games outside afterwards.

Here's Madison, right after crawling through the shaving cream, heading towards a sprinkler and a big pool filled with musical notes.  The kids were involved in a relay race that required them to get the right notes and bring them back to the orange baskets on the table you see behind there.  They absolutely loved this game, of course.  It was messy, and it was wet.  This was perfect, because the weather outside was getting warm, and this was just the right prescription for that sort of thing.

We got home, and yes it was also Taco Tuesday.  We had our tacos, and then we had movie night, watching "Spy Kids" tonight, as part of our theme this month at KidPak.  Madison really likes this movie, and yeah, we'll probably go through the trilogy tomorrow and the next night.

It was a fun day, although Mommy is still under the weather.  This is a lingering sort of virus, which Daddy can attest to.  He's still coughing somewhat, despite the fever begin gone.  And that's what Mommy is doing now, coughing day and night.  Hopefully this will pass sooner.  The blessing is that Mommy hasn't dealt with the fever that Daddy and Madison did.  We both had fevers around 102 and 103 respectively.  Mommy hasn't had that so much - it's just this relentless cough.

Daddy is getting ready for Summer Xtreme a lot at work, with lots of writing of course.  He's gotten two scripts for the stage done, and so far so good.  We'll see how things turn out, but from here until about a week-and-a-half from now, it's going to be pretty busy!

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