Monday, May 16, 2016

Ballerina Fun May 2016

Madison finished her magazine today, which was a lot of work for her.  Daddy too!  But we loved doing it, and her teacher is definitely pretty impressed with how it turned out.  This was a neat project, one we were joking about - "Okay, Madison.  That's the first issue.  You've got to get the June issue ready now."

Below are all the pages in order, starting with the cover.  As school is wrapping up, there's just one big project left, and that's a presentation Madison is doing on Ronald Reagan.  Just kidding!  Of course it's Cesar Chavez.

With the inlaws here, we've been playing cards, and of course tomorrow is the big day for Goodwill shopping.  Daddy is frantically working on Summer Xtreme stuff at the moment, and has hit a bit of a creative block, but we'll still do our best.  One thing I know:  we've got a video with the Punisher and Squirrel Girl in it.  That should be fun to film.

Speaking of superhero movies, Mommy and Daddy got to go see "Civl War" today as a 'date night.'  We had got some rewards from our local theater's rewards program, so we had one free ticket, free popcorn and a free drink tonight.  So it was a real cheap night out!

The movie was fun, although not our favorite of the Marvel movies.  We loved Ant-Man, Black Panther and of course Spider-Man.  Okay, Hawkeye was cool too.  And Vision.  Oh, all right.  They were all pretty awesome.  We just don't like them fighting each other so much.  But that seems to be the theme of this year's superhero movies:  fighting each other.  We have "Civil War," but then we also have "Batman versus Superman."  And a little later, we have the X-Men Apocalypse movie, where four characters are chosen to be Apocalypse's 'four horsemen.'  And yes, they have to fight the bad guys.    So yeah:  superheroes fighting each other.  Somewhere along the line, one studio executive thought this would be perfect, and then the other ones were like, "Yeah, we have to do that too!"  

We're not doing that so much with our Summer Xtreme heroes series, so no worries there.  And no fighting the rest of this entry here either.  

In fact, here's something much more pleasant.  It's Madison's magazine, "Ballerina Fun."

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