Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mexican Train

We had our piano recital rehearsal today, and Madison has been pretty spot-on.  Her recital piece is nowhere near as complicated as last year, and this worked out well, mainly because our family has been dealing with a persistent illness, pretty much through the entire month of May.  The recital itself is coming up soon on Friday, and Madison is excited to dress up as Cinderella to perform.  It'll be really nice, actually.

So today is Taco Tuesday, which of course is mandatory each Tuesday.  With the grandparents in from Florida though, we added some more flair to the day:  we played Mexican Train.  This is that dominoes game that we used to play a lot.  Recently, down at Satellite Beach, we pulled out the dominoes and played quite a bit there.  Madison really likes the game, as it is pretty simple and easy to get the hang of.  It can go on a while though!

Why is it called "Mexican Train," I wonder.  Reading up a little, we realize now that what we call the 'junk train' is actually the 'Mexican Train,' where all players can get rid of extra dominoes.  How that bonus train became Mexican is a mystery though.  All we have to go on is this information here:

The original version of Mexican Train was copyrighted by Roy & Katie Parsons of Newport Coast, California, and by Puremco. Mexican Train has become a popular party game, and has spawned something of it's own sub-culture within the domino family.

Apparently Roy & Katie Parsons liked the title, and that's that.  I suppose if Roy and Katie Parsons lived in Eastern Europe, it could have been called "Yugoslavian Train" or "Czechoslovakian Train."  In other words, it's just a name picked out of a hat.  Or, a sombrero.

We had thunder today, and pouring rain in the morning.  The grass is looking really good now, as is our neighborhood.  We actually hired a neighborhood kid to cut our grass for us - he lives two houses down.  He does a great job, and we have a good feeling about helping out a neighbor.  And of course, he's helping out us.

Daddy was working on Summer Xtreme a lot today, which is the theme for the rest of this month and into June.  Looking back on this blog, that's the way it always is, with lots of end-of-the-school-year stuff thrown in for good measure.  We'll try to squeeze it all in, although it's tough to keep up with the blog during this season.  Having Nana and Ba-ba here is a blessing, of course.  They love seeing Madison, and she loves seeing them.

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