Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spy Games 3

We began our new series "Spy Games" today with a bang, and suddenly everyone is into espionage, tuxedoes and dark trench coats.  Except for Daddy, of course.  He's the Professor, basically the "Q" character of this series, which makes a lot of sense. 

Madison enjoyed the service, along with the other kids.  We had a few sound issues in that first service, but these were overcome easily - we have such a talented cast!  And they're really busy lately too.  After service this morning, it was time to do some more filming for Summer Xtreme.

Here's Madison and Lance's brother, Paul.  He's one of the heroes in the Summer Xtreme series, a darker character who parallels Batman somewhat.  We've got several other heroes, of course.  Madison and Daddy were there at the KidPak Discovery auditorium, which is obviously going through some extensive renovations.

We got home afterwards, carrying in with us our Sodapalooza cups filled with sweet tea.  It's officially on, the free refills that will last all the way until the end of July.  Madison was so excited to get some Mango flavored sweet tea.

It was a full day.  Madison did some piano practice upon getting home, and we worked on a few more pages of her magazine too.  She's really enjoying the graphic designer aspect of the assignment.  We'll post a few pictures tomorrow, I think.

Until then, it's back to Disney Infinity, to play our newest acquisition, "Marvel Battlegrounds."  It's a fun game actually.  The 'versus' mode is a lot of fun when teaming up together to take out other players.  There's a bit of inspiration from Super Smash Bros in this game, only with Marvel heroes and villains.  We were playing as Rocket and Groot of course, because of the book we've been reading lately.

Madison has saving up her gift cards awarded to her for bringing her book each month to KidPak.  For the past few years, she's gotten Target gift cards, but we're shifting over to Wal-Mart cards this month.  So she's been saving up a few gift cards to spend all at once.  We wandered up the Monster High aisle, the movies, and eventually the video games as well.  She chose the video game ultimately, despite Daddy telling her to get whatever it was that she wanted to get.  You see, Daddy wanted that game too.  Anyway, we picked that up, and a few cards for the birthdays and Mother's Day holiday coming up.  The cashier handed Madison a few stickers of the Target dog just because she looked so cute, although we haven't received any stickers from them before this moment.  Customer service representatives were reaching out to us like a desperate ex, and the whole visit had a melancholy feel to it.

Tonight before bed, after battling it out with nearly every hero, we went to bed with a new spy-themed devotional, and of course the Rocket and Groot book that Mommy and Madison love so much.

Good night!  Or, as Groot would say, "I am Groot!"

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