Thursday, May 26, 2016

Library Rabbits

We were at the library this afternoon, and look what we saw!  There were two of these tiny rabbits in the back where you return books, so Madison and Daddy got out to snap a photo.  Don't worry, we didn't get too close.  We didn't want to scare them.  We just wanted to return some books!

Tonight, we were back at speech therapy again after a bit of an absence due to illness with Daddy and Madison.  Daddy got home just in time to take Madison to Alpharetta to speech therapy.  This was after spending a good deal of time at the Atlanta Zoo, sorting things out about where to eat and so forth.  It's amazingly expensive to rent out a tent and eat there, I'll just say that much.  And they don't give discounts to church groups - you have to call it an educational summer camp to get anywhere with them.  But Daddy got the quick tour behind-the-scenes to a few places the public doesn't go, and of course got to see elephants, some unusual owl he'd never seen before, and a bunch of other animals as well.  It was pretty quick - we were all business on this trip.  And then we were racing back again.

With Mommy not feeling well, Daddy took Madison to Chick-Fil-A for dinner tonight, and of course there was the obligatory stop at Race Trac to fill our Sodapalooza cups.  This season, we've been filling these over and over again with Gatorade and ginger ale, all because everyone's been sick.  It's not quite what we envisioned when purchasing the cups, but it has been quite useful.  They've kept us hydrated, and our tummies settled:  we take the ginger ale and let it go flat a bit, and that helps settle the tummy.

It was a frantic sort of day as far as the racing to and fro, but at the end it all worked out.  We took care of Mommy, played some games at the end, and went to bed early one last time.  Only one more day of school left!

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