Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016 Yearbook

One of the most exciting things in the school year is the day that Madison gets her yearbook.  She LOVES her yearbooks.  She frequently pulls out the old ones and scans through all the pictures, and today was no different.  She got her new yearbook, and of course was pouring through that one.  But she had the other ones out as well, a stack of books from kindergarten through now third grade, and was looking through each one.  As you can see above, Madison was dead center in one of the picture collage pages.  She's also at the bottom left and elsewhere in the book.  She can't wait to have it signed by everyone.  Earlier in the year, before the school year even began in fact, we paid for this book in order to get a deeper discount.  Why not?  This book goes up with the other yearbooks in our great room, set up there for easy access, because all year round, Madison periodically gets the yearbooks down to look through them.  It's just something she really likes to do.

Today was Wednesday, so it was a big work day for Daddy.  We're moving forward with all kinds of Summer Xtreme-related writing and filming.  Lots and lots going on!  We're filming a big, epic sort of movie with superheroes, one that Daddy has a cameo in.  Our skits will hopefully be written soon, as Daddy is desperately trying to figure out how to put it all together.  At present the idea is to not have superheroes so much as characters as a comic book convention.  That seems easier.

Na-Na had a few doctor's appointments scheduled today, some regular check-ups.  These were the reason they came up from Florida.  But in the meantime back at home, they're closing on... well, a new home.  Daytona Shores it is, or at least it will be.  We may have been making our last trip to Summerfield and the Villages area.  Now, our trips to Florida will always involve the beach.  This is something that Madison is not upset about in the least.  She loves the beach now.  The one weakness of Daytona Shores presently is that we don't think there's a Friendly's there.  We have to find an ice cream shop there as soon as possible!  But there is a mini-golf place that you can walk to from their new condo, and also a boardwalk not far away.  There's a Bubba Gump restaurant just up the road, and hey, maybe we can come down some time to see the Daytona 500!

Anyway, all that is coming soon, and of course it is exciting.  We just have to survive the end-of-May/Summer Xtreme craziness that comes each year.  Add to that this lingering sickness that Daddy has been dealing with.  Lung capacity is lower, and now Mommy feels like she might be feeling a bit of fever as well.  This is one sickness that just doesn't want to go away.  Still, we must press on!  We'll take care of ourselves and get some rest.  We might need to take some more medication though...

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