Friday, May 13, 2016

Field Day 2016

It was the day of the annual Chestatee Elementary Field Day, with this year's theme being one related to the Olympics.  Of course, the same events were out there essentially, and not things like balance beams, high diving and Greco-Roman wrestling.  But really, some of the events out there on the field were probably worthy of being in the Olympics.  For example, "Fish and Chips."

This game is a relay race, one where participants put a fish between their knees, and hop from one point to the next.  As you can see, Madison was really enjoying it.  In fact, her team won this particular race.  They won a lot today, a pretty competitive little team!

This is a sport that belongs in the Olympics.  When you consider that throwing a hammer is a sport, why not make hopping along with a fish between your knees a sport?

Madison enjoyed herself immensely today, and the weather was absolutely perfect outside.  The kids went from station to station, in once case passing wet sponges…

…and at other times passing a hula-hoop around without letting go of each other's hands.

But the biggest thing of the day was the one Madison was looking forward to the most.  She just loves the dunking booth.  Last year, she came so close to hitting the target, but came up a little short.  She always remembers getting to see Daddy get dunked a few years ago at Summer Xtreme.   At Field Day this year, her teacher Mrs. Loftus got into the booth, and Madison got into the windup, and threw a perfect strike!  Not only did she nail the target, she hit it with enough force to send Mrs. Loftus plunging down into the water.  Only three kids in the class hit the target, and Madison was the only girl to throw a perfect pitch.

She'll never forget this.  It's what she came home from school talking about, and in fact, Mrs. Loftus sent us a video and we all watched that a few times in a row!  Madison just loves that dunking booth, and will no doubt be talking about this for a long time.

Today Daddy is feeling better, a little, although running around a bit.   He was at the printer arranging books for Summer Xtreme, and putting things together for this weekend's "Spy Games" story.  Meanwhile, Mommy is still cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning the house.  It looks wonderful, inside and out.  One of our neighbors is mowing our grass, a young guy we're paying to do the lawn.  He's an enterprising sort, mowing a few of the yards on our street, and we're happy to let him offer us his services.

We ate outside on the front porch today, a cool evening with the weather so perfect.  Just sitting there, eating, and then reading a bit.  It was nice and relaxing.  We live in a nice neighborhood!

Tonight we read from the devotional, but Daddy's voice is not quite there for much more with reading.  Hopefully in a few days, he'll be back to 100%, but right now he's still on the road to recovery.  Thankfully, Mommy is okay.  Also, thankfully, Daddy is back in his old bed again - I've been in quarantine lately, due to coughing and restlessness.  But tonight was peace, and there's a sense that it will all be okay, even despite the setbacks and amount of time needed to prep for events upcoming.  We'll be fine.  We're at peace.

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