Monday, May 23, 2016

Another tooth!

Na-Na was doing well enough that today, the grandparents returned home to Florida.  We got a call late tonight (they left much later in the morning), and were relieved to hear they had no problems at all getting home.  It's just a longer drive, and of course Na-Na is not quite 100% yet.  She's a bit frustrated by this, but it won't be long until she's back to normal.  After all, she was just at the hospital yesterday.

It was the last Monday of 3rd grade.  Mommy is in sick mode, coughing as much as Daddy and Madison were.  The fever isn't as bad, so that's good.  Daddy, by the way, is still having trouble breathing.  So yeah, there's a return to the doctor coming soon.

Despite it all, Mommy made us dinner.  We had corn on the cob, and lo!

While eating, Madison lost another tooth.  It's been quite some time since that has happened, so there was quite a bit of ceremony here.  We found a pouch to put the tooth in, and just before bed, we placed it under Madison's pillow.  We'll see what the tooth fairy has in store tomorrow!

Before bedtime, we read the last from the "Alice in Wonderland" devotional that Daddy wrote some time ago.  We've been reading that in preparation for the upcoming movie, and reading through the pages rather quickly.  Madison has been enjoying this one.  She's also enjoying "BFG," which Daddy has been reading to Mommy and Madison each night.  We're doing a couple chapters per night on that, moving along rather quickly.  Or, as the giants do, galloping along.

Today, Daddy did a lot of work towards completing the booklets for Summer Xtreme.  Here's the cover design, which is rather simple:

It's all starting to come together.  We're working all the time in this direction, moving forward with all kinds of last-minute things that need to be done.  Hopefully it'll all come together.  Daddy is most worried about the scripts presently.  Those are his big deal, and he's had a bit of a creative block lately.  Speaking of which, it's time to get back to writing again - hopefully something will start to work out here...

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