Saturday, May 21, 2016

Manga Leia

Madison drew this earlier in the morning.  She's been drawing a few different characters like Mike Wazowski and Eve from Wall-E.  But this one here was cute, copied off a book she got for Christmas that did all kinds of Star Wars characters.  It was a page dedicated to Manga style drawings of Star Wars characters, so of course she gravitated towards Princess Leia.  I think she did a great job with this one!

Today was supposed to be the day that Na-Na and Ba-Ba were going home to Florida, but all that changed yesterday with the visit to the hospital.  Na-Na will be okay, but today was a day to catch up on rest and a day to do extensive tests to see what comes next.  Two blood clots, one for each lung, and we're grateful that it all happened when it did.  Imagine it all happening today, somewhere on I-75 below Macon, or wherever.  No, there is a lot to be grateful for.

Aunt Shain and her family moved today, getting their new house finalized and ready to live in.  They seem to be happy with it - we haven't had a chance to visit yet, as we've been sick or really busy.  Usually both.

Speaking of which, Mommy is now starting to have symptoms similar to what Daddy and Madison had  - it starts with the fever.  Hopefully this won't be that big of a deal for Mommy, but we'll see.  We definitely don't want her to go through anything close to what Daddy did.  That's for sure.

Daddy stopped at the library today, and picked up a few books, including the one we started reading tonight, "BFG."  That's being made into a movie this summer, and as we've been reading a few Dahl books lately, we thought this one would be fun to read.  So far, it's been interesting.  Mommy and Madison are certainly into it.  Daddy has been having fun reading the giant's voice.

We spent a good deal of time preparing for Sunday today, for another round of spies at KidPak.  It should be a good service.  We're also working towards Summer Xtreme, although that's been a bit slower.  Not long left, and there's a lot of stress as we try to get it all done in time.  Tick, tick, tick...

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