Saturday, May 28, 2016

Welcome to Jakku, BB-8

Lake Lanier is crazy.  Boats are everywhere, so much so that I couldn't imagine going out there.  It's like Rush Hour in Palestine or something, with vehicles approaching from any angle at any speed and everyone sort of assuming that the other person will not hit anyone.  No, Memorial Day is not the best day to go boating on the lake.  And forget about water skiing and things like that - it's too risky with so many other boats out there.

We took care of Mommy today, and let's give thanks for the Wolfgang Puck soup selection at Publix here.  It's all gluten free, including a chicken noodle soup mix that's perfect for when you're as sick as Mommy is.  We also got rice crackers and cheese, and made a nice little presentation to bring upstairs to Mommy.

We did some work towards another "Spy Games" service tomorrow, and Daddy took Madison to McDonald's over in Dawsonville, where they are currently engaged in a 5-year plan to enlarge highway 53.  Because of this, there wasn't quite an entrance to the old parking lot, not like there used to be.  Daddy used to work over in that area, and the growth has been amazing.  No more of this "back in the day" talk from me today though.

Madison did quite a few things on her first day of Summer Break.  Daddy wanted her to draw a bit, so she did a great picture of BB-8.  She also did some piano practice as well.  But a good part of the day was spent playing video games, namely "The Lone Ranger."  She likes getting on horseback, and blowing up buildings.  Yep.

Tonight, for "research," Daddy purchased "The Phantom of the Megaplex," an old Disney Channel movie.  We got our popcorn out again, and sat on the couch to watch something we haven't seen before.  It was as you expect, although Daddy did get a few lines from it for future reference in the upcoming skits.  That's what it's all about - we're trying to put together a good skit series for Summer Xtreme.

Mommy is not coughing as much, and that's great to hear.  Or not hear, rather.  And all in all, it was a good day, especially in light of Mommy's improving health.  We've been praying each night that this goes by quickly.  Everyone should be just fine by the time we start Summer Xtreme.  That's the plan, at least!

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