Sunday, May 29, 2016

SX Parent Meeting

After another Spy Games morning at KidPak, we had our annual Parent Meeting for Summer Xtreme, somewhat of an informational deal to help with drop-off, and the daily things going on.  We had quite a few parents there, so turnout was good.  It was also pretty brief.  At the conclusion as always, the parents got a bag with some info in it, as well as t-shirts for the kids.  Madison was pretty excited to see her new Summer Xtreme t-shirt.  Soon, there'll be tons of kids in those seats with Summer Xtreme t-shirts on.  Not long now!

Service went well - we had an "Inspector Gadget" theme to the day, with clips from the movie and some points related to Inspector Gadget.  Of course, we had the music there too.  Go, Gadget, go!

This afternoon, we were working a little, and Madison was reading a little too, getting started on her Summer Reading Program for the library.  She's chosen 40 books this year, as some of the books she's reading are much longer than usual.  We'll throw in shorter ones, and graphic novels too.  There's a series with a girl named Isabel Soto, where she investigates historical events and places, and you don't feel bad at all about Madison reading those graphic novels.

Madison got a new character today for Disney Infinity 3.0:  Obi-Wan Kenobi!  We don't have many to go after this.  Already, the prices are rising on some of the remaining ones, now that the game has been cancelled.  Daddy will pick up all he can before the prices get too outrageous.  Both he and Madison want to collect them all!

We watched a movie from the library, "Strange Magic," which was actually not bad.  It got terrible reviews, but we saw it anyway because George Lucas had some involvement in it.  And sure enough, it wasn't that bad at all.  Our friend Josh liked it too, and recommended it earlier.  It may not be Pixar quality, but it's not that bad of a movie at all.

The big event tonight was the completion of "BFG," which we've been reading for a while now.  This was a great book that the three of us have been really enjoying.  We can't wait for the movie now.  Roald Dahl has been a great author to read, somewhat of a surprise for Daddy and Mommy.  We didn't realize his works were so much fun to read.  But we're loving them just as much as Madison is.  So naturally, you can expect us to be finding something else soon enough, like "James and the Giant Peach" or Mathilda."

So another full day has come and gone.  One more week until Summer Xtreme, so we're really busy around here with preparations.  Lots of writing and more left to do, but it seems possible we'll finish it all just in time.  It's going to be a great week!

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