Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Day of 3rd Grade

Here we are on the last day of school again.  Madison gave us the secret to how to make time slow down:  sometimes it just crawls on and on when you're in class.  So, if you're trying to get time to stop flying by, our suggestion would be to go back to school.  It might not work for college, but perhaps sitting in an elementary school might help!  Regardless, this year has seemed to fly by for us.  And academically, it's been a great one.  Madison did really, really well on her report card, earning quite a few "E"s, which stands for exemplary, excellent, or extremely good.  I'm not too sure.  Also, she got quite a few "4"s, which is outstanding - threes are good, and fours are awesome.

Daddy missed her coming home, but it was a good day for her.  Daddy's been working on Summer Xtreme, of course.  Meanwhile, Mommy has been pretty sick, doing quite a bit of coughing.  The good news is that this seems to be on the tail end of things.  It's a long-lasting sort of virus, and we're not fans of it in the slightest.  Perhaps, though, it's building up our immunity or something?  Right?  Trying to put a positive spin on things...!

Anyway, it was a good day outside.  We got rain, of course, but that's okay.  The passing showers are nice, and they cool things down a bit.  We did the Sodapalooza thing with Madison, and read some more from our "Space Camp" themed devotional, and then the "BFG."  Tomorrow is the first day of Summer Break now, and Madison is excited about that.  She's bittersweet about leaving the classroom, but she's excited about all the things we're going to do this summer.  Truth be told, we're a little excited too!

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