Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Magical Shoes

Madison finished her fiction work, so she and Daddy worked on a layout for the magazine and came up with the above.  We also spent a good deal of time editing the story itself, sort of working it out after Madison's initial ideas were put on paper.  It was a neat process for her, with an end product that she's been really happy with.

Once upon a time, there lived an eight-year-old girl named Madison.  She was practicing her dance in "Swan Lake."  When Madison fell, she felt like she was going to give up.  That's when a cloud of pink glitter and sparkles suddenly appeared!  And Madison's friend Lucylie walked right through it!  
     "Look what I brought," said Lucylie, as she pulled out a pair of pink shoes.  They were sparkling point shoes that seemed to glow pink.  Madison asked, "What are those?"  Her friend answered, "These are magical pink shoes that might teach you how to learn better.  Put them on!"
     Madison put the shoes on, and they suddenly went to Swan Lake.  They looked around, and saw a village and a beautiful lake.  One of the people in the village came up to them and introduced herself.  "My name is Odette," she said.  Madison and Lucylie introduced themselves as well.
     Odette brought them to the lake.  She taught them the dance that Madison needed to dance.  Odette told them both an important lesson. She said, "Never give up on your dreams."  Madison and Lucylie curtseyed, and said, "Thank you, Odette."
     They said goodbye to Odette, who wished them well.  That's when Madison took off her pink shoes.  Suddenly, they were back home again.  Madison was ready to practice more.  She was never going to give up on her dreams.
     The next night, she danced in "Swan Lake" on stage in front of everyone.  When it was over, everyone thought she was the best dancer.  This is because she kept practicing, and never gave up on her dreams.  After the ballet, she met her friend Lucylie, who congratulated her.  Lucylie then held up those same pink shoes and asked, "Want to go back and visit Odette?"  Madison smiled.

It was Monday, so as you can imagine, we were at ballet once more.  Can you believe this is the last week of ballet for the season?  This sort of hit us like a shocker.  Just one more class on Wednesday, and then the recital!  Madison is ready for the recital, she says.

We stopped at Race Trac on the way home, now a mandatory stop if we're anywhere nearby:  Sodapalooza is there, and you have to get a refill.  No choice, actually.

The rest of the day was spent feverish for Daddy.  Yet hopefully that this is drawing to an end, as Madison's illness only lasted six days.  This is day six here.  We'll see!

Until then, it was more reading tonight - we finished the Rocket and Groot story, and are plugging along at the Spy Games devotional, both of which Madison likes.  We said our prayers, for the leaders of our country, for the health of our family, and for all the stuff that has to take place the next few weeks.  It's about to get busy, and Daddy doesn't have much time to be ill.

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