Monday, May 2, 2016

The Tutus are In!

Mommy and Daddy voted early today, because early voting actually started today and we were in the mood to get it done and over with.  This was another primary voting, so we were voting for offices like that of sheriff, coroner, county commissioner and then bigger positions like US Senator and Congressman.  We voted for a few underdogs here and there, but did a lot of research before voting.  It takes a bit of time to look into people, issues, and so forth.

While out, we got more lithographs at the Disney Store (yay!), and a pair of Cinderella slippers for Madison for her upcoming piano recital.  Speaking of recitals, take a look at what came in today!

The girls slip on their tutus over their ballet outfits to see if they'll fit.  They did, and then the girls treated us to a sneak peek at their upcoming performance at the ballet recital.  We got tickets for the event today, not only for ourselves, but for Nana and Ba-Ba, who will be joining us up here for a week or so.

Can you believe it was eight years ago today that we first saw this face?  That's right, today is Referral Day, the day we got an email, the day I vividly remembering accomplishing not that much at work because I was looking to the email all day.  It was 5:43 when we got the email with Madison's picture in it, and of course we haven't stopped looking at pictures ever since then!

After ballet, we dropped by Ye-Ye's house for a bit, because it was his birthday today.  We were there for a while, really, just catching up and talking, giving cards and gifts.  We contributed to this saw that cuts down tree limbs higher up, but also got him a Sodapalooza cup.  Yes, we're in full swing with Sodapalooza now!

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