Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mommy's Day

It was such an important day, and yet Daddy has been amazingly sick.  This is easily the worst sickness I've felt in regards to longevity, a constant fever of around 102.  With all the stuff to do, it doesn't help much at all.

We did get her a card, and Madison made a few cards herself throughout the week, carefully hiding them, and quite excited about the surprise.  Here's one of her creations:

It is her birthday, and it is Mother's Day all wrapped up into one.  When our family is feeling better, and over this illness, we'll make it up to her with a celebration of sorts, but right now it was just a day to rest.  We of course started out at church.  Our "Spy Games" series continued, and things are going well there.  It's not exactly a 'throw-away' series, but this is one we've done before, and that supposedly helps make it easier for all of us with the writing and artwork.  Still, there is a lot of new stuff to be done for this series, and the fact that Madison has never seen it before inspires Daddy to go on and work harder on it.  And yet, we chose it because we have so much to do for Summer Xtreme upcoming, so there's a balance there.

We did not go out to eat as the trillions of other people no doubt did today.  Instead, we came home... and we rested.  Madison worked on her fiction piece for the ballet magazine that she's been working on.  And she also did some piano practice as well.  Mrs. Pam sent an audio file, so she could practice her group ensemble piece in time with the group.  Madison seems to be able to handle this easily.

We watched a great Mother's Day movie, and it wasn't really the reason we chose the movie.  It's just that "Brave" has a great theme about a mother-daughter relationship.  We were just wanting to watch the movie, and so we popped that one in tonight.  Madison brought down her bow and arrows, and spent a good time talking in her Scottish accent.  She's working hard on that one.  The line she keeps saying over and over again is "I need more time!"  I'm not sure if this is from the movie itself - I think it is Merida from that video game on her Kindle.

Anyway, and so went Mother's Day.  Daddy feels bad that we couldn't do something bigger for Mommy.  But we'll make it up to her.  There's a few items Daddy is thinking of upcoming, so yeah - after Summer Xtreme, we'll do something nice together to honor Mommy, because we love her so much.

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