Saturday, May 7, 2016

From Nyquist to Nyquil

Well, despite fevers and stuff, the show much go on, right?  Daddy went over to Home Depot and got the latest Angry Birdhouse Craft for Madison - we weren't healthy enough to do it there on the spot, but at least we can save it for later.  After that, Daddy went over to the local comic book place in Oakwood for FCBD!  Yes, that's Free Comic Book Day!

Going in early, there was more of a selection.  They knew Madison was not feeling well and let me pick out some comics for her as well.  All in all, Daddy came away with seven or eight comics, plus a couple that we're officially picking up monthly.  These folks are so great and friendly at this comic book shop - it reminds me of the old days.  There were FCBD lollipops for the kids, balloons and all kinds of friendly energy there.  Daddy couldn't wait to read a few of the books, but he had to - there was plenty to do in order to set up for KidPak tomorrow.  Daddy is still sick though, so he didn't stay long.

We spent a lot of time together this afternoon, watching a new show called "Mighty Med."  Daddy is doing a bit of research, hoping to get ideas and jokes for an upcoming series at Summer Xtreme.  Today was a big race though, and we thought it would be a great moment of learning to show Madison the run for the roses, the Kentucky Derby.

We went to the television about fifteen minutes before the bugle, and got to see the parade of horses, some of the backstories, the jockeys in their colorful silks, and the impressive crowds with their equally impressive hats.  We got to soak it all in, and sort of expose Madison to what it was all about.  We each picked our favorites going in, although at 2-1, the horse Nyquist wasn't too much of a risk.  We all had a good feeling about him, and watched as he hung back a bit early, but down the stretch dominated to the finish line.  It's the fastest two minutes in sports entertainment, right?

It was fun, but Daddy went from Nyquist... to Nyquil.  It was time for bed.  This fever is terrible.  But we're making the most of it, and based on Madison's run with her virus, Daddy should be through with this in a couple days.  So there's that to look forward to.

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