Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I've Just Sucked One Week of Your Life Away

"I've just sucked one week of your life away.  Tell me.  How does it feel?" 
So Daddy is still miserable.  Clearly a doctor's visit is on the way.  It got so bad that I couldn't go in for piano practice with Madison.  Daddy literally just sat in the car, and tried to sleep.  Sleep wouldn't come - it hasn't stayed with me for a long time now.  Madison did well with the piano class, taking a few pointers from Mrs. Pam about her final performance.  She'll practice that quite a bit in the coming days, as we only have two Fridays to go until the recital.  That should be exciting.  Add more to that excitement with the costume that Madison saw today.  We got her a Cinderella dress, a dress from the new movie, and it is just beautiful.  Can't wait to show pictures here.  We picked this up after Christmas during a sale, and it was quite a bargain.  Madison put it on and just transformed before our eyes, twirling and radiant as always.  She said she loved it.  Mommy is going to make a few adjustments, and there it is:  the outfit she's wearing for the piano recital.  It should be magical.

Daddy was at work for a bit today, at least as long as he could tolerate it.  But then he was off to get Madison, who was having a good day at school.  It was the return of the Book Fair, and she was taking advantage of a BOGO deal.  We gave her about eight dollars, and she got a Star Wars book that she was wanting, and another Weird School book to read again.  She was happy with her finds, so much so that she didn't talk much in the car on the way to piano and on the way home.  No, she had her head in a book.  Always with her head in a book, this girl!

Nothing wrong with that.  Nor is there anything wrong with Taco Tuesday.  Yes, she loves the tacos.  She said she'd do anything for a taco, but when pressed, we discovered she would not do the 'happy dance.'  She said she wanted to, but didn't quite want to either.  Mommy just laughed - we had tacos anyway.  Or, at least Madison did.  Daddy hasn't eaten in a week, outside of toast, crackers and pretzels.  This thing just keeps dragging on!

Tonight we read, we prayed, and we watched "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."  We're hoping things brighten up a bit, but the season finale looks sort of bleak there.  Being as sick as I am, I'm not in the mood for bleak.  Fortunately, our story time at bedtime is full of pleasant laughs and adventure.  Although it's time to get a new book for us to read with Madison.  Wonder what that next one will be...?

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