Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jabba Flow

May the Fourth be with you!  Daddy's fever is here in a major way, possibly the sickest I've felt since pancreatitis, or slightly over ten years ago with a similar flu.  He stayed away from work today, and just generally doing anything at all.  Seriously, you're sick if you can't even watch television.

But there was a holiday today, and we had to celebrate, right?  Daddy got Ezra from Disney Infinity 3.0 for Madison, and for Mommy, we have a copy of the song, "Jabba Flow," which just came out today.  It's insanely catchy, to the point that you physically can't get the thing out of your head.  Of course, it doesn't help that Daddy has it on repeat.  The song is heard playing in the movie "The Force Awakens," but only for a short segment.  Now, friends, you can hear the whole thing in its entirety!

Okay, moving on.  It was a decent day.  Other than the fact that Daddy has an epic fever.  This is one of those fevers that will never be forgotten.

When Madison got home, there was ballet of course.  Daddy had plans to do a big service tonight at KidPak, and helped lay the groundwork… but sadly could not make it.  The fever was raging by this point.  But look how much fun they had at church!

Madison was working on her piano today, and her magazine assignment too.  But there was also so Ultimate Spider-Man thrown in the mix as well.  We were trying out the new Ezra character, and a new level Disney Infinity created just for May the Fourth Be With You, but soon, it was time for bed.  Time for stories, time for prayers, and time for sleep - for most of us.

Daddy can only stay up all night, shiver and cough.

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