Friday, May 20, 2016

Piano Recital 2016

Tonight was Madison's piano recital, and she did wonderful once again.  It was a waltz by Chopin, and she did it perfectly.  And, as you can see, she wore her new Cinderella dress.  Daddy recorded her performance, and a few of the other group ensembles as well.

Na-Na had some trouble today, and although the plan was to be at the recital, it turns out that she went somewhere else instead:  the hospital.  Providence had things lined up:  she was fine this week, having no problem at all as she went to her medical check-up.  But they discovered something the next day, and it was that very next day that she started to feel symptoms.  At first, the thought was pneumonia, which of course was ironic given Daddy's condition recently.  But no, it was in fact something worse:  blood clots.  Two of them, one for each lung.

As this was going on, Mommy and Daddy went to the recital, and then sort of raced out of there to check on Na-Na.  She'll be fine, and she's really in the best place she can be.  We recorded the recital, and we'll show that to her when she's doing better.

But as you can imagine, all this as a backdrop was slightly distracting.  Still, Madison did well.  Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. Pam.

Mrs. Pam has been such a blessing.  This class has been great, a fun way to learn all sorts of new musical concepts, and of course learn to play a bit on the keyboards as well.  Madison just loves going each week, and she loved coming tonight.  She felt regal in her new dress, complete with glass slippers.  Each of the kids was dressed up as a different character from a book, as the theme was "Sing Me a Story."  The entire room was decorated with different items and looks, some things borrowed from Mommy and Daddy (including our Mad Hatter hat!).  

All of the children did really well, and there was a bittersweet sort of feeling here, as yet another recital has come and gone.  Only one more class on Tuesday, and then there's summer break.  On one hand, yeah, summer break.  But Madison does really enjoy school, and these classes too.

We got home tonight, and as you can imagine it was bedtime pretty much.  Ba-Ba came to the house, and Na-Na is spending the night at the hospital, hopefully getting some much-needed rest.  It's going to be okay though.  We'll go visit soon enough, but for now, it's okay and she's okay.  It's been a full day, and we'll tackle tomorrow as it comes.

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