Thursday, May 19, 2016

Texas Teasing

When Madison got home, we decided it was high time to go out to a restaurant and grab a bite to eat.  With so much sickness around lately, it's been a while since we grabbed a bite to eat anywhere.  Plus, with Nana and Ba-Ba in town, it was just a nice idea to head to Texas Roadhouse.

These two above are always going at each other in the restaurant.  They're hitting each other and teasing each other - it's just a good idea to get some food on the table as soon as possible!  Fortunately, that happened, although it was all fun until the food arrived.  We had a great time heading out.  Madison played a few songs on the jukebox, all completely random.  And then there were the peanuts and rolls - it's always a good meal there.

We got home, and continued our game of dominoes, which seems to be a new tradition we've been starting lately.  Everyone won a round or two, and we pretty much did just this until it was Madison's bedtime.  She was just fine with this, and so was everyone else.

Pastor Lance came over earlier - Daddy and he were spending a great deal of time writing material for videos for Summer Xtreme. We'll do some filming shortly, but it was good to get that out of the way.  He spent a good deal of time talking with the grandparents, and of course Madison was excited to see him when she got home as well.

It was a productive day, although Daddy's energy is nowhere near what it needs to be.  Hopefully it will be tomorrow.  The weather outside was overcast, dreary.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll see some sun, and some energy, and new life coming back.  This period of sickness has definitely gone on for a bit too long.  Can't wait for a new day!

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