Wednesday, May 11, 2016


So that's what Daddy has.  It's annoying.  It's worse than that, of course.  He had a visit to the doctor, with x-rays, blood tests, and some time with a nebulizer.  First of all, a comment about the nebulizer.  That name alone is cool.  The doctor mentioned it, and then the nurse and I were having a conversation about Star Trek immediately, and right away there was this common bond:  "Which is the best captain?"  "Captain Kirk," I said.  And there was that.  If Captain Kirk were here, he wouldn't be afraid to use the nebulizer, so I boldly went where probably a whole bunch of other people went before:  a room with a small futuristic hookah in it.  It was just this squashed version of BB-8 with a tube coming out, one that I was to insert in my mouth.  There was a place where my exhaling escaped, which made the hole thing seem like I was the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland."  The doctor returned to the room, and I asked him:  "Who.  Are.  You?"

Not really.  He let me know that the vampire there who does blood tests found nothing wrong with the blood, so it wasn't that bad yet.  But still, the x-rays showed I had some cloudy lungs.  Which means... something.  They weren't bad, but still my prescription was a shot in the back, steroid pills, Mucinex-D, antibiotics, ibuprofen, and four puffs of my inhaler each day.  I think Nyquil is in there somewhere too.

So today is the worst day of the lot, easily the most miserable.  Madison and Mommy left me alone in the house, a sad puddle of humanity waiting for their return.  They went off to the last day of ballet class, which was one final rehearsal of the recital, which is THIS WEEKEND.  Yeah, how did that sneak up on us?

Anyway, class was bittersweet.  But there's more free time on the horizon, right?  Daddy's been watching Disney Channel sitcoms for jokes in the meantime, which is kind of what we did tonight before bed.  That, and "Ultimate Spider-Man."  Madison loves that show.  Between that one and "Jessie," it's a tough call!

Okay, I'll have to cut this short.  Because, well, you know, I have pneumonia.  Which I finally know how to spell correctly.

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