Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Back to KidPak on Wednesdays

Madison is back to KidPak on Wednesday nights again, and just at the close of our Spy Games series, pretty much.  It was a good night, a fun night with lots of kids again.  Summer is here, and so are all the kids that can sleep in tomorrow.

Daddy had to race home to get her though.  It was kind of crazy today, with lots of filming still to be done.  We've been filming one of our guys with a shaved head doing an impersonation of Charles Xavier rolling down a hill out of control, and another guy dressed as the Punisher.  We had to find that shirt, and fortunately we had another costume for Squirrel Girl, who made another appearance for a video.  It's been one shot after another, with us scrambling to write, film and edit some supplementary videos for Summer Xtreme.  The big video series has already been shot - these are just the humorous side videos that don't last long.  They just are there for laughs, and then we move on.

Madison was chilling today, and that's okay.  It's okay the week after school ends to just watch television and play games and just basically turn everything off.  It's a week of rest, and that's good.  Because believe it or not, this summer is going to be pretty busy with activity and more learning as well.  We've got all sorts of plans, and hopefully illness won't be a big part of them anymore.  Currently, she's been in the midst of a "Jessie" marathon, as that's been her favorite television show.  She tells us all about it, frequently.  Mommy and Daddy will have to sit down and watch the show some time soon as well.  There are several seasons of it online, so yeah.  Maybe Madison won't be the only one chilling for a bit there!

Madison will get to go to KidPak the next few months on Wednesday nights, and that's always a plus.  Extra church is a good thing!

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