Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Importance of Gummy Bears

We had ourselves quite a day.  Can you believe we're still filming for Summer Xtreme?  True story.  Still filming, still editing, still collecting props, still printing out handouts for cars, still collecting costumes, still getting decorations, still getting traffic figured out, still making arrangements for food, still… okay, I think you get the point.  We're still working on it.  But it is a big week.

The weather has been stormy this week, but just in time it is supposed to clear out next week.  That's one of the things we've been praying for.  Madison is excited, and quite helpful as well.  She's got her Summer Xtreme t-shirt, and she and Mommy have spent the day putting beads on the bottom of it.  They take the bottom of the shirt and convert it into ribbons, somewhat, and then add beads to each ribbon.  The end effect is pretty cool!

MEANWHILE, apparently our days at Satellite Beach are done.  Not that this beach was a bad one at all - it's just that Nana and Ba-Ba have bought a new condo.  It's located along Daytona Shores, and we're destined to be there this summer to check it out as well.  They'll be selling their current place in Summerfield, which means basically that we've seen the last of that location as well.  If only we knew that we were saying goodbye to that house forever… we've been visiting that location for many years now.  Sometimes we just go down to hang out there, and launch off to other tourist destinations.  Sometimes we just spend time around their house.  But no more:  now we'll be spending time at a new place, one along the beach.  You just go down a flight of stairs (or two), and there you are, along the beach, and right there along the pool as well.  Madison will be so happy to visit.  It's a great sound, the sound of ocean waves.  You kind of get used to it!

Fortunately, there is an ice cream store nearby.  It's not Friendly's, which is a major blow.  But I think Madison will adapt to the new ice cream.  Nana went by and asked if they had gummy bears and gummy worms that you can add to the ice cream, and the place said they did.  So that was a major sigh of relief.  What a funny prerequisite for a location for sale.  Can you see the add now?


It was funny that Nana actually went to find out about the ice cream and gummy bears.  She knows how important that is.  Another amenity nearby is a pirate-themed mini-golf course that is in walking distance from their condo.  Daddy is excited about a boardwalk up in Daytona, just because it is a boardwalk.  I have no idea how long this boardwalk is, or what is on it.  But it's a boardwalk, so there's that.  

One thing that happens in Daytona that I think is really weird is that cars drive up onto the beach.  Fortunately, this doesn't happen at Daytona Shores, where we'll be visiting this summer.  But as a child, I remember our parents driving up onto the beach at St. Augustine.  I remember a car breaking down there, and I was pondering the implications of the incoming tide.  Would they get the car towed in time?  Beyond that, it just sort of messes up the simplicity of the beach.  Why turn it into a parking lot?  I guess the obvious answer there is that there is no parking lot.  So, that said, I guess folks have no choice.  They just line up along the beach, like a drive-in, or a scene from a "Cars" movie where the main characters go to the beach.  

No fears of cars where we'll be going.  Yes, we'll be back with the traditional checklist:  sand castles, pool, boardgames, and yes, ice cream with gummy bears.

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