Saturday, June 25, 2016

Homemade Ice Cream

Madison and Mommy made some homemade ice cream today, with strawberries in it.  Yes, it was perfect.  Especially for a steaming hot day like today.  The weather has been so amazingly hot, and that ice cream was just perfect.  Madison and Daddy had theirs on cones, and Mommy had hers in a bowl.  But everyone's ice cream had sprinkles on it, because … well, they're sprinkles, okay?

Anyway, this  morning we started off with a building project, putting together Iron Man at the local Lowe's.  This is part two of the Avengers Initiative, and as amazingly busy as the other locations are, this one here in Gainesville is so quiet and disorganized.  Not that this is entirely a bad thing, unless you get there in a fowl mood or something.  You're there for the kids, and the building, and despite the employees there not being entirely prepared, there's still a charm to it all that keeps us coming back.  Madison just took over her part, driving in those nails, and Daddy did the stickers as always.  Iron Man has a little Arc Reactor that lights up.  I'm surprised that the employees there had so man Arc Reactors to hand out.  But we weren't greedy - we just took one, and it's proudly lighting up at the house right now as this is typed.

After a bit of work today, and after the ice cream, we went over to the pool once more.  This is a part of the Madison Learns to Swim program, and sure enough, she's swimming further and faster than before. She did the width of the larger portion of the pool today with no problem.  And she keeps diving downward, holding her breath longer and swimming horizontally across the pool's surface.  Mommy and Daddy are thrilled.  It's also a nice thing to do, getting out in the pool on these blazing hot days.  We've been - and will be - going to the pool at around 6:30 - 7:00 in the evening, and that's just perfect, really.  The sun is going down, the heat is still there, the pool is still warm, and it's great to take a dip.  Madison has her standard pool toys:  a sponge football and a tiny squirt gun.  Both of these are endless entertainment for her!

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