Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Dory

Daddy had to take off this morning to go get the car taken care of - it was just a routine maintenance trip, but oy!  It took them forever - something near two hours for a simple check-up.  Meanwhile, Mommy and Madison were rising, and the great news is that Madison is feeling better now.  This time tomorrow, she'll be 100%, and right now we'll even put her at about 90% or so.

Because she was doing better, we decided to go to the movies as soon as Daddy got back.  We made a couple visits while out, actually.  First, we went by a place to check out swim lessons for Madison.  These cost a lot.  I mean, wow.  But the fact is that Madison can't swim so much by herself.  She tells Daddy that she should have tried harder this last visit to Florida after she did a cannonball into the pool. Evidently, that's the key to her success as a swimmer:  first, doing a cannonball into the pool.  I imagine the folks at this place we went to today will be saying the same thing to her.  "Now," the instructor explains,"the first crucial step in being able to swim will be an effective cannonball.  So, when I tell you, jump in and scream, 'Cannonball!'"

The next stop on our journey was another one that involved water:  "Finding Dory."  This is the second time that Daddy has seen the movie this week, and it has only been out four days.  Of course, the first time was with Summer Xtreme in Gwinnett.  But this time around, it was much more relaxing.  Also, we got to see the post end credits scene too.  Thumbs up all around on the movie, as all three of us really liked it.  Daddy loves the new character Hank, but there are plenty of other new characters to like in this sequel.

When we got home, it was in fact later.  But we were thinking of turning around and going right back out again after we ate some dinner.  Mommy made a delicious spaghetti, and then we were back out again to pick up prescriptions and some ice cream.  Yes, we've had these coupons for free ice cream, so we had to take advantage of that, right?

When we got home, we did some video games, and we also popped in a DVD from the library that features Stan Lee helping us learn to draw superheroes.  We didn't get all the way through it, but will probably do that this week.  For the time being, Madison was drawing 3D cylinders and cubes without any problem at all.  'Nuff said.

So it was a good day, pretty much.  Outside of the eternity spent at the car dealership this morning.  We said our prayers, read from our devotional, and continued our reading of "Treasure Island" before bedtime.  These pirates seem to have the upper hand right now.... Arrr!

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