Friday, June 24, 2016

Across the Pond/Pool

It was a big event tonight, as Madison finally made it across one of the smaller sections of the pool, without touching the bottom.  It's been one of those lingering issues for us, as the idea of swimming just hasn't caught on with her lately.  She can't really float so well, and she relies on floaties.  So recently, we went over to a place that teaches kids to swim, and of course we found out that it costs a good deal of money for individual lessons.  And we're not knocking that so much, and in fact are still on the fence about signing her up.  But Madison wanted to try today, and we were certainly wanting to see what she could do, or at least help her out in staying horizontal on the water, versus vertical.

She made it.  After a few attempts, she started getting the hang of the idea of staying above the water.  Just barely, of course.  But after that she discovered that if she held her breath, she could easily swim across the top of the water, face down as if she were snorkeling without the snorkel.  In fact, she was swimming that style for a good bit, although it makes Daddy a bit nervous.  I know she'll come up for air at the right time, but nevertheless I worry.  That's my job.  Regardless, the floor of the pool is right there within range for her - when she stands up, her head is above water.  So this is the perfect place to practice.

Anyway, it seems as if all is well there, which is just great news.  We'll go back again and again, and see what happens from there.

Daddy was off at work today, and Madison was busy doing work here too.  She was doing someone's hair!

Meet Elsa.  You may have met her before.  I know we have, as we've seen the movie quite a bit in this house.  One of Madison's gifts back at Christmas was Elsa here, who is just sitting there waiting for you to style her hair.  That Madison did, and did it for quite some time today.

She and Mommy had fun with this one, as you can tell.

Tonight, we kept our Grecian theme going by watching "Hercules," which is one of our favorite cartoons ever.  The tie-in here - and it's completely unintended - is that perhaps Greece caused what happens to be the big news today:  the Brexit.  Great Britain voted to leave the European Union today, which has caused a great deal of turmoil in the world markets, and the political world as well.  It's a big deal, and it all started today.  Mommy of course has relatives over in England, and they were in favor of the Brexit.  That's the words "Britain" and "Exit" combined.  Not really sure who came up with that one, but there it is.  We'll see what happens from here, but clearly there is a struggle between a nationalistic voice (those who wanted independence) and those in favor of the union, and perhaps beyond that a one world system.  Not coincidentally, those who are more nationalistic, in favor of leaving, are more conservative.  Just follow the dots from there.

So it's been a historic day, but in our eyes we won't remember Brexit.  We'll remember Madison's first time swimming across that pool.  That's something everyone can be happy about!

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