Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Very Starving Caterpillar

We had a great day today, what I remember being a 'typical' summer day from last year and the years before.  When there's no busy schedule, there's time to do things like you see above:  Madison has all these Disney board games that you can interlock with one another (thanks to Nana and Ye-Ye), and the game is now so big that it has created an empire across the table.  We played a couple rounds this morning, going past Cinderella's coach, a big castle, the "Frozen" castle, and the tower from "Tangled" as well, all these pop-up structures on a board.  Madison creamed Daddy the first game, but Daddy made a great comeback on the second game to tie things up.  We'll keep you posted on the tie-breaker.

We spent some time drawing after that, as we got from the library a DVD with Stan Lee telling us how to draw superheroes.  So that we did, along with some more superhero fish.  But soon Daddy had to go to work for a bit, and while there, Madison was busy doing piano practice, and also reading for the summer program.  She's behind this year, but through no fault of her own.  We made it 40 books instead of 50 this summer, because they're bigger.  But these are some of the biggest books she's ever written, so we figured we'd go by the library and give her some other shorter books to help her catch up.

We were going to the library anyway.  The reason?  An Eric Carle themed project with about twenty-something other kids.  First, it was story time, where the teacher read to all the kids "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."  Then, it was time to create a hungry caterpillar of their own!

This is not the finished product - she sill had some coloring to do.  But the caterpillar turned out great, didn't it?  I like how he's not just hungry.  He's 'starven!' All the caterpillars the kids did turned out really well.  The instructor was upbeat and helpful, and the class was pretty enjoyable for everyone, parents too.

We left the room there, and got ourselves some books.  Yes, we picked up some Eric Carle books.  But we picked up quite a few others too, so we'll be busy reading books the next few weeks.

Daddy helped cook dinner tonight, and afterwards it was time for a movie.  As we just finished reading "Treasure Island," we thought it would be fun to watch "Treasure Planet."  Although we'll probably be getting that old Disney version of "Treasure Planet" next, the one with Robert Newton in it.  I believe he's the guy who we all imitate when we try to sound like pirates these days.  So it's an important movie.

Anyway, we went to bed later, reading from our devotional and saying our prayers.  It was a nice day today.  Arrr!

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