Thursday, June 9, 2016

SX16 - Day 4

The most important thing about Summer Xtreme are the services, and the worship in particular.  During this week, we have more time to spend in service, with no worries about waiting parents at the door.  We can take our time, and that's generally what the kids do.  They sing, and want to keep on singing.  Of course, they're all excited about the day's activities, but there's enough time for all of it.  And so, especially on "water day," we have a greater amount of time.  And that's where things are so special.

Here's Madison, along with all the others in our service.  Praise and worship goes on for quite some time at Summer Xtreme, where the kids are the ones who keep it going by singing, and not wanting it to end.  It's the most precious atmosphere you can experience, and really the best reason to send kids to Summer Xtreme.  If there was nothing else going on that day, and just this, it would be worth it. 

Of course, there was something else today:  it was our world famous water day.  This goes back to the early Summer Xtreme days when we would just go out with squirt guns and a few water slides, and just had fun.  It's gotten more complex now, with huge water slides, a visit from the fire department truck, buckets of water being dumped, dunk tanks and more.  But it's always been fun.

The weather was perfect outside, with no threat of bad weather.  Yes, it's been like that this week.  We've had such favor upon us with weather, traffic, and all the other little details that it takes to make this week a great one.  Just one more day to go, and as you can see above, it's been all smiles!

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