Monday, June 6, 2016

SX16 Day 1

Here Madison is on Day One, just before all the other kids got here, and just before this week-long amazing celebration.

It looks as if she's ready to be a hero!  After much fuss and hard work, we got our Summer Xtreme together, with 500 kids ready to enjoy an unforgettable week.  Everything went so amazingly smooth, this despite the number of kids we had.  It was a substantial increase from last year, and everything still went remarkably well.  The service this morning started on time, and the videos were well-received, as was the drama, which got the kids hooked from the start.  The actors were perfect in delivery, and the sound was just right.  The worship and the message were fantastic too, and everyone left the day (although very late) feeling high at a sense of accomplishment and success.

Here are a few snaps of Madison at our excursion after the service.  We rode the buses down to Buford, as is our Monday tradition for the K-3rd graders.  That's where we went to Skate Country.

This will be Madison's last year at Skate Country, as next Summer Xtreme she'll be in fourth grade, and therefore at Sky Zone just a bit down the road.  We had the entire place to ourselves, as we had so many kids.  The picture above was taken early on, before the swarm of red shirts got on to the rink.

Daddy also took group pictures today, a substantial amount of them.  In fact, that's essentially all he did.  this isn't the most ideal location for a group shot, but it will have to do this year.  There's not much else we can really do, as tomorrow is the pool and the day after that is Atlanta Zoo, where things are bound to be a little more tricky.  So snapping away, we took plenty of pictures for the group shots.  And other pictures as well, of course.

It was a great first day for Summer Xtreme.  Again, we're all tired.  But there's a positive feeling in the air, and that helps overcome fatigue.  We're off and running, and the kids are clearly having a great week already!

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