Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Madison's Mad Lib

Tonight, our friend Joey brought to church a hacky sack (auto correct is desperate to change that to "tacky sack"). This may have to be a future gift for Madison - she loved it.  We had a circle of friends, about eight of us, and we just kept at it, kicking it and passing it along for about a forty-five minutes or so.  She was absolutely having a blast with this thing, although a couple of us were just learning to do it.  Joey was really good with it, as were a few others, and it was just fun to keep going and going.

It was a good day today - Madison was working on a craft at home, a tissue box with seashells glued all around it.  These are shells we've collected from Satellite Beach, of course.  The idea is to make a gift for Nana Green when we get to Florida next.  

The big fun of today was the KidPak service tonight.

We had KidPak tonight, and it was our small classroom experience once again, that is to say, a service where we dismissed the kids from the general larger assembly to a smaller classroom, assigned by grade.  We are in our Superheroes series, so Josh and Daddy decided to dedicate this night to Wonder Woman (as she's one of the only main DC characters leftover).  So all of the classrooms talked about this message here, the one that Daddy wrote up about Wonder Woman:

     She’s the princess of superheroes, the champion of truth and justice, and a major player in the Justice League. She stands toe to toe with the likes of Superman and Batman. They call her Wonder Woman, and it’s no wonder: she has super strength, bracelets that deflect bullets and an incredible lasso of truth.
     The bracelets come in handy, but wouldn’t it be great to have a lasso of truth? It is simple to work – Wonder Woman throws it around friends and foes, and whoever it is that is wrapped up inside has to tell the truth no matter what.
     Can you see how useful this would be? She could find out who took her diet soda from the refrigerator at the Hall of Justice. She could also find out who made a mess at the conference table and didn’t clean it up.
     Of course, Wonder Woman doesn’t use her lasso of truth to do mundane, boring things like this. She uses it to save the day against villains and evildoers. But in both cases, there is a simple fact – wouldn’t it be an easier world if everyone told the truth and didn’t hide things? We wouldn’t need a lasso of truth, that’s for sure.
     Like the lasso, lies can tie us up and confine us. They limit us, and prevent us from doing things we need to do. Worse, just like a lasso, they can only get tighter the more we struggle against them. It’s a pretty awful feeling being trapped in a lie. Really, there’s only one thing that can free us: that’s the truth.
     Don’t get caught up in lies, because they can tangle us up. The Bible says the truth will set us free, so don’t wait for Wonder Woman to come after you with her lasso! Be a hero and stick with the side of truth today!

It was a simple message, but Daddy needed something fun to do that helped the message along.  And that's when Madison stepped up to help.  She suggested a mad-lib, and actually helped write this story below, coming up with probably more than 50% of it, just off her head.  As we wrap up here, below you can find the mad-lib.  The kids in our class just loved it!  Lots of laughing tonight!

     Once upon a time, there lived a superhero named ___________________.  This hero always told the truth, and never lied.  Like George Washington.  Or maybe ___________________.
    One day, our hero met a ________________ named __________________.  Our hero said, “Where are you going?”
     And the other person said, “Um… I’m going to ___________________.”
     And our hero said, “That costs about ______________.  Where are you going to get that kind of money?”
     And the other person said, “Oh.  I already have that.  I’m ________________.”
     Now our hero said that he was going there too, and he would see his friend there.  Only this was the problem:  his friend wasn’t rich, and didn’t plan on going.  But now, he had to figure out a way to cover up his fib!
     You see, our friend here was trying to impress the hero.  Our hero left the room.  He had to go save a ______________ from going off a cliff in ______________.”
     Our friend here had to cover for his lie.  He had to find (same as above) dollars!  And since he couldn’t find it, he became a robber!”
     (Put ski mask on second volunteer, and give that volunteer a crowbar.)
    The robber threatened a bunch of people in the class, by saying, “Put up your ____________!”
     The class did just as the robber asked.  And then the robber said, “Give me all of your __________________!”
    But just as the robber was doing this, our hero returned.  He ___________ into the room!  Our hero said, “I’m ______________!”
     The hero grabbed the robber’s crow bar, and bent it just like this!
(Hero grabs crow bar and bends it just like this)
    The robber was frightened.  But he gave up.  He turned to everyone and apologized, saying, “I’m ________________!”
     The robber took off the mask, and lo!  It was the hero’s friend!  The hero asked, “Why did you try to steal all that?”
     The robber said, “I was a ____________.”
     Then he added, “I wanted to impress you, so I told a little fib.  But then I had to come up with the money, so I did the only logical thing I could do: Dress up as a robber, and go _____________ it.”
     But our hero knew the right thing to do.  He said, “Always tell the _____________.”
     Wait.  Is that right?  No, it’s always tell the truth!  In fact, there’s a Bible verse that goes something like this:  "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." 
John 8:31 NIV
     And so the robber said he was sorry.  He saw how a lie can only grow and grow and grow, and promised to never do it again.
     Will you all press charges against him?

If YES, then:

      Oh, well, then he went to court, and was sentenced to go to jail for __________ years.  And for everyone else, it was a happily ever after. 

The End!

If NO, then:

     Oh, good.  Forgiveness rules here at the church.  Well, everyone was happy now.  The former robber went to McDonald’s afterwards and played that dumb Monopoly game and guess what?  He won ___________ dollars!  So he became rich, and could go after all!

     And everyone lived happily ever after!

1.    Name (Jeff, Carlotta, Billy Bob)
2.    Famous Person (Abraham Lincoln, Taylor Swift, Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
3.    Profession (reporter, rodeo clown, pastor)
4.    Name (Chuck, Brigham, Susan)
5.    Location (Disney World, Comic Book Convention, Beijing)
6.    Number (3.14, 12, 3 billion)
7.    Adjective (flabby, stinky, disgusting)
8.    Noun (cell phone, porcupine, taco truck)
9.    Place (Argentina, Mt. Everest, Churchill Downs)
10.                  Plural Noun (sticky notes, cowbells, water guns)
11.                  Plural Noun (Spongebob pillows, toenails, boogers)
12.                  Verb ending in –ed (rolled, hopped, crawled)
13.                  Adjective (shiny, flat, preposterous)
14.                  Adjective (ridiculous, bubbly, infectious)
15.                  Noun (toaster, Choco Taco, shoe)
16.                  Verb (jump, toast, fly)
17.                  Noun (fog horn, churro, spatula)
18.                  Number (2, 100, 12 billion)

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