Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thauntering Thoundwave

Take a look at this picture that Camille drew of that maniacal villain Soundwave, or properly pronounced, "Thoundwave."  She was sick all week too, and spent a good amount of time just drawing people from the Heroes movie that we filmed.

Madison is still sick too, of course, although things are improving slightly.  Still, she wasn't well enough to go to KidPak this morning.  That will wait until she's better.  By day's end, she had improved quite a bit, so it might not be that long.

Of course, today was a big holiday:  World Sauntering Day.  We made quite a few jokes about that on stage this morning, sauntering across, or into the audience.  And obviously, though it is World Sauntering Day, the response we were getting from the kids was that it is Father's Day.  Madison made sure that Daddy knew that.  Even though she was sick, she got up to call out, "Happy Father's Day."  And beyond that, she got a card for Daddy, and made him a catapult out of office supplies.  And that my friends is the perfect Father's Day gift right there.  No joke!

The service went well, our continuation of the Superheroes series.  And when Daddy got home, there was a tasty dinner - along with some Marvel Battlegrounds to play.  That was fun for a time, although soon after that it was our movie-of-the-night.  We watched "Holes," which is really a genius sort of movie.  We think it is really well done, a mystery that unfolds over the course of the movie.  Madison sat paying attention between Mommy and Daddy, also munching on a whole lot of popcorn.

Tonight we read from "Treasure Island" again, continuing our reading.  Jim Hawkins knows about Long John Silver now.  This is a stern reminder to the reader:  be sure to check your apple barrels before talking about your mutiny plans.  That's a big tip there.

Anyway, it was good, as was the Heroes devotional we were reading from.  Madison had a good day!  But we're all still a bit tired, so ... g'night!

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