Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SX16 - Day 2

Day two at Summer Xtreme continued with an amazing service, another wonderful message about Heroes (today's hero was Iron Man).  We had all the amazing videos, the ongoing drama, and of course the amazing worship service as well.  The services are just so incredible and full of fun, with hilarious games as well.  So much is packed into each Summer Xtreme service, and it is so satisfying to see it all work out so well, and see all the kids enjoying them so much, and getting so much out of them as well.

Afterwards, we were off to Frances Meadows once more, where all the kids - big and little - were into the pools, doing belly flops off the diving board, and making sure every adult was soaking wet as well. Madison spent a lot of time in the 'lazy river,' but you could find her elsewhere as well.

It was a sunny day, but not too hot.  The water was just fine, and the smiles were plenty.  Everything went smoothly, so the adults were all smiles too!

Here's Madison with Pastor Lance.  And of course, there's Lauren in the background, photo bombing!  Madison will have to learn how to swim this summer, as her 'lessons' haven't exactly stuck over these years.  We'll be looking into an instructor that can get her swimming this summer.  Until then, her flotation device there was working just fine.

Madison is a friend to all the volunteers, always helping out and always sweet.  This picture above, Daddy found it on someone else's camera, and sure enough there she is amongst the grown-ups.  She hangs out with everyone really, not caring who it is.  She just has a great time wherever she is.

Oh, and look who else she met!  It was Mrs. Allen, a teacher in her first grade classroom!  It was sweet surprise for the two of them.  Madison was happy to see her teacher, giving her a big hug, just before running off into the pool once again.

It was that kind of day, a really nice one.  Everything went perfectly, and we're all smiles here - especially the kids.

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