Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hulk Smash Origami!

Madison spent a good portion of the day trying some new origami.  And she's pretty good at it too!

Mommy found an origami booklet that we've been saving for Madison, and sure enough, there were some things in there that she wanted to try out.  When Daddy got home from work, there was quite a collection of her creations lined up, including a frame created with folded green paper.  Inside the frame was another piece of paper, upon which the words "Hulk Smash!" were artistically written.

You can imagine the Hulk attempting origami, can't you?  Ever since we've returned to the LEGO Avengers, Madison has been leaning towards the Hulk and Hawkeye in the game, and Mockingbird too.  How great that this game actually includes the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

So we did some more swimming this evening, and this time even later than usual.  The weather is cooler, in the mid-eighties, but it almost seemed chilly to us, having acclimated to the upper nineties the last week or so.  Still, it was pleasant at the pool.  If you're keeping score, this was our fifth day in a row there, and it's all in order to get Madison more and more comfortable swimming.  Each day, the idea is to get her to something new, or go further, or both.  Today's task was going the width of the pool, hanging on the wall for a moment, and then doing the width of the pool again.  And she did it!  She was unsure at first, but Daddy motivated her with an achievement award:  Zeb for Disney Infinity. Yes, Madison won the Zeb Award.  And of course, there are other pool achievement awards coming now, but we're pacing ourselves.  Madison can't quite make the length of the pool yet (she tried), but we'll get there soon enough!

It was Taco Tuesday, and this time Daddy was cooking away.  He had to get the meat on the way home, and cooked it up the moment he got through the door.  Madison was more than ready to down about three tacos!  We waited a bit before heading to the pool though.

This was the perfect time to work on the puzzle that's been really, really tough on us this last week and a half.  It's a Thomas Kinkade painting of "The Jungle Book," and there's just a lot of similar waterfalls and jungle foliage about.  It's slow-going, but we'll get there!

Tonight before bed, we read some more from our devotional, and then from Mary Poppins - about a cat and a king.  It was an odd story, more reminiscent of something from "Alice in Wonderland," but still entertaining to Madison.  Mommy, however, was nearly sleeping by the end of this chapter:  she hasn't slept well the last few nights.  Early night for all of us!

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