Thursday, June 16, 2016

Charging Tweedles

It looks as if Madison will miss all of the Gwinnett portion of our Summer Xtreme.  She was with a high fever yet again today, and that pretty much settled that.  Our destination today was Sky Zone, and there was just no way she could do all that jumping around.  Between that and the extreme heat we're experiencing, I suspect that things would just get worse for her.

So home she stayed, while Daddy was playing some intense dodge ball on the trampolines.  While there were some pretty amazing acrobatics with Matrix-style avoidances, this one session wreaked havoc on Daddy's calf muscles in the night.

Nana, Aunt Shain and the cousins dropped by today to cheer Madison up a bit, by giving her some delicious chocolate cake and some presents as well.  She got the Mad Hatter, Alice, Time and Poe Dameron for Disney Infinity, so we were playing a bit of that before bedtime.  It was good to hear Madison laugh again - we were battling each other, and once Madison figured out how to get Alice to summon a charging Tweedle, that was that.  It was so funny to her.  Honestly it's funny to us too.  But she kept doing it over and over again, and cracking herself up.

Josh has been spending the night with us all week, so he knows what Madison has been enduring.  He was smiling tonight as he heard her laugh - it was good to hear.

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