Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Shortly, we'll have a picture here of Chewbacca that Madison drew.  It's just perfect!

Today was spent getting ready for Summer Xtreme... again.  This will be the first Summer Xtreme in Gwinnett for Daddy, and for all of us really.  There's a lot to do, from new skits to all kinds of paperwork and arrangements.  A lot goes into these things, and that said, we spent a lot of time today, working late into the night to get things set up.  Madison was helping out too, collecting props and papers and booklets, and getting it all together for the big week.

She and Daddy had a trip this morning, one to the speech therapist.  It was an odd time for us, but the only one we could really fit in.  So drive we did down to Alpharetta.  Madison's speech is still not quite where it needs to be, although there has been a lot of progress.  Some things are bothersome, but I believe with practice we can work through some of these issues.  Practice makes perfect.

We got home, and soon enough we were off to the church to get things going there.  It was a late night for Daddy and the rest of the staff.  All of us are already exhausted, but here we go again!

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