Monday, June 13, 2016


The archaeoBUS came to the library today, apparently with blatant disregard for grammar laws pertaining to capitalization.  Despite this, it was a pleasant visit.  We had signed Madison up a few weeks ago, and so we dropped by for a class about archaeology.  Sadly, Indiana Jones was not there.  Nor Marion.  But there were some good teachers inside, ones who explored the world of archaeology with a small group of children.  The kids attempted to identify older objects, or at least pieces of older objects.  They saw how layers of dirt cover things over time.  And, they got to come out to the archaeoBUS to see some stuff inside.  It's like a mobile museum dedicated to archaeology.  Just outside, there was also a canopy covering some other items as well, a place where even Mommy and Daddy learned a few things.  It was interesting.

It was also hot.  The temperature in this picture is at 96 degrees.  Archaeology is something you need to dress appropriately for.  Daddy was not!

But no matter!  We were off after this, going to the movies to see "Angry Birds," which would have been so much better if not for the adult references scattered throughout.  They were over Madison's head, but they were annoying to Mommy and Daddy.  Beyond that, it was a decent movie, although not our favorite by any means.  Madison enjoyed it, of course.

It was a pretty full day.  Before all this, we were at the chiropractor for an appointment for the three of us.  After the week we had last week, this was definitely a case of right time/right place.

Despite the tremendous heat, it was a good day.  Madison and Daddy were doing video games a bit later on in the evening, and before bedtime and prayers, we finished reading "The Prince and the Pauper," which was one of those stories we couldn't put down.  Mark Twain did a good job with this one as well.  You could really see how he became so popular and famous, activating the imagination of so many long before movies did.

We went to bed not long after that, ready to take on Summer Xtreme part two tomorrow.  That's where we set up in Gwinnett for another few days of Summer Xtreme, complete with services, excursions and more.  Madison has no idea how blessed she is!

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