Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sad Birthday

This one was pretty bad, sort of like the Bombadil song.  It was Madison's tenth birthday, and the idea was to go to Gwinnett Summer Xtreme, and celebrate with all the other kids at a great service, and then over at Stars and Strikes down in Dacula.

But she woke up with a fever of 104.  And yes, that's again.  She has nearly the same thing as she had about a month before, and that doesn't bode well for her when it comes to going to the rest of the week at Summer Xtreme.  As you might suspect, it was simply miserable for her.  And, I might add, it was simply miserable for us too.  Daddy went to Summer Xtreme at Gwinnett, doing all the things he normally does, keeping busy with skits, with print-outs, with transportation issues, with photographs, with service details… all while thinking of his daughter at home.  It was hard to be in a good mood, despite everything going well and everyone having such a great time.  This was because Madison was so sick, there was not much she could do other than watch episodes of "Jessie" and cry.  She was so looking forward to this day, and for this to happen, it was just very difficult for us as parents.

At least she did get to go last week.  And from the looks of things, that may have been where the trouble started.  We think this because there have been quite a few others coming home with strep throat, and a similar fever.  Madison went to the doctor's today, and did not have strep throat.  And the fever does go down when medicated.  But it shoots right back up again after the medication wears off.

Amongst those who are sick this week are some cast members that Daddy planned on needing for Summer Xtreme.  Also many other kids too.  Some of those cast members that Madison loves sent her messages to wish her a happy birthday, but also let her know that they are in the same boat that she was in.  This is a message from Mary Shannon:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON!!!!! I wanted to make sure I wished one of my very favorite people a Happy Birthday! But I'm having to do that from my bed because I'm not feeling well. I heard you weren't either- so I guess we'll both just have to watch a bunch of movies until we get better. But as soon as you're better, we'll get to celebrating because YOU are a girl worth celebrating!"

And here's a video that our friend Camille sent her.

It helped a little to know there were others feeling like she did.  She saw this video today, and was encouraged because it was so thoughtful.  And it helps that she has friends as she does, friends and family that love her.

It was terribly crummy not being able to go to Summer Xtreme Gwinnett, and even worse that it was on her birthday.  It was a perfectly lousy birthday, in fact.  But we're blessed as a family all year long, and there will be better days coming, and soon.  We'll just recover from this one and move on.

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