Monday, June 6, 2016

'Twas the Night Before Summer Xtreme

'Twas the night before Summer Xtreme, and all through the church
Folks were editing, printing, and starting to search
for all sorts of props, and car tags galore.
There was so much to do, and indeed probably more!
'Twas indeed a full day, and started quite early
as we had morning service, and after that surely
everyone was so happy - Sunday Morning went quite well.
But afterwards, helpers came, and excited I could tell!
For tomorrow was the start of something resounding
The help that had come was nothing short of astounding!
Madison helped out lots, putting books into chairs,
decorating with heroes, from the halls to the stairs.
Some staff stayed up late.  They stayed up 'till three!
To make this the best week these kids will ever see!
And so we're all ready, so tired but quite a team.
Together, tomorrow, we start the greatest Summer Xtreme!

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