Friday, June 17, 2016

Heat Wave

Today was the last most exhausting day of SX16 for Gwinnett, which was wonderful for the kids, of course.  There's a feeling of 'spirit is willing, but body is weak' about today.  That is to say, we'd all keep on going if we thought our bodies could take it.  But this sort of thing for two weeks straight is quite an endeavor.  The heat this week alone was enough to wipe you out.  Today we had violent storms roll through, even in Gwinnett County. But the only effect it had on us was to cool things down to the mid eighties where we could go out and enjoy the water slides in the parking lot.  This morning's activities included going to see "Finding Dory," which was really good - but Madison was not there with us once more.  Again, she was at home, still sick with a high fever.  The medicine helps to keep it down.  Also helping were some of the games and comics Daddy left behind for her to keep her busy while she recovers.  Mommy set up the canvas again, and Madison did another wonderful painting this afternoon.  It took some time and care, but it looks great!

Tonight, we watched "Zootopia" together, and Daddy was snoozing a bit in the middle.  He was that tired.  But we enjoyed the movie and the time together.  This is something we'll be having more of in the coming days, another thing to be grateful for when it comes to thinking about SX16 being over with.  Hopefully next year, Madison will be feeling better.

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