Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SX16 - Day 3

Today's Summer Xtreme experience was all about Zoo Atlanta, where we once again had tremendous favor.  Because it is such a long trip down there, we simply went straight to the buses and made the trip right away.  Daddy went early to help set up for eating and arrival, and everything was remarkably smooth, from traffic to weather to the eating location arrangements.  It was amazing!  Here's Madison above with her group - and another group - spending the day walking about from exhibit to exhibit, all under sunny skies, but not too hot at all. 

And yes, there were the pandas as well.  Madison saw those first, as we all ate lunch in a pavilion towards the back of the zoo to begin with.  Then it was off for the rest of the day to see whatever you wanted to.  Madison had a great day!

After dismissal today, we had a few hours to prepare for our Summer Bash, which is an event we plan each year for anyone who wants to come.  It's something fun for the kids, a day where we set up lots of inflatables, music, and fun on a Wednesday night.  

Madison had a really long day!  But she had a lot of fun too.  There were slides, and bungee games, and some jousting that you'll see in a moment.  And there were lots of friends too!

The fun thing for Madison tonight was the jousting though.  Madison did this time and again, a game where you sit on an inflated pedestal, and try to knock your opponent off their pedestal while somehow keeping on your own.

Here she is, battling Camille.  Madison's technique wasn't about hitting someone so much.  She successfully pushed instead, pushing her jousting stick into Camille's ankles there, knocking her off balance.  She got pretty good at this game.  Part of her advantage was her small size, and her balance.  Meanwhile, we grown-ups were having a hard time staying on before we even started the game!

Anyway, it was a pretty full day, obviously.  Madison loved it, and went to sleep pretty quickly afterwards.  Still two more days to go! 

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