Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eight Years Now

We always look at a squillion pictures that were taken on June 30, 2008.  There's a slideshow video we made, and a few discs of pictures as well - we pour through them all together as a family, remembering that happy day.  And online, there are there other 'forever families' that celebrate that day with us as well - they were with us in that chaotic little room.  We share photos with one another, and some of the joy comes from giving a family a picture of themselves that day that they might not have seen before.  That certainly happened a few times this year as we shared some more of our photo library.  But we got one this year from a family in Seattle that shared some of their pictures of that day, and yes, it's of the three of us and we've never seen it before.

This is a new one to us - it was actually taken on July 1, 2008.  We know this because you can see the outfit that Mommy got for Madison there, complete with the new shoes and the rattle that Madison would not ever let go of.  We still have that rattle to this day, a happy memory of that amazing adventure.

Madison woke up this morning letting us know, "It's Gotcha Day!"  We had a day much like any other, although Daddy was off of work.  We spent a good deal of time rearranging the house.  Mommy is setting things up nicely, and there was some grocery shopping to be done.  Beyond that, there our usual trip down to the pool today.  Madison's progress is good!  She's still a little scared to do the longest length of the pool, but she did do a lot today, more than she's done in the past.  Mostly in between, we throw a wet sponge football back and forth at each other.  She loves peeking underwater and seeing the other world down there.  If she had a snorkel with her, she could easily make it from one side of the length of the pool to the other - it's just a matter of proper breathing technique.  For this, we're showing her how to turn her head sideways and do it that way.  She's trying that out, and getting more and more comfortable in the water.  We just keep doing this, and eventually, I believe she'll get the hang of it!

Speaking of which, today was another speech therapy class down in Alpharetta.  Traffic down there, oy!  But it was a good session today, with Madison's assignment to say more words that end in 'er.'  Like 'power' and 'flower.'  What she has to do though, is say the 'er' part first.  So they become 'er pow' and 'er flow.'  Then, she says them normally afterwards, making sure she has emphasis on that 'er' part.

Anyway, we're working on that 'r' sound, which I always thought was ironic because she's a pirate, and should naturally have an 'arrrr' sound!

Tonight, we got home, and did a little Disney Infinity.  Daddy got her the new character Kanan, so we played around with that one and Zeb for a bit before Madison got to bed earlier tonight.  The reason?  Madison wanted to make sure that Mommy and Daddy had their date night!  Of course, we just had to do our usual reading from "Mary Poppins" tonight.  We've been talking about a cat, one that looks at a king.  We wrapped up that chapter, and our devotional reading as well - and then Mommy and Daddy went downstairs to watch an old movie we picked up from the library:  "Funny Face."  It was actually a good old-fashioned movie, one that made us both want to watch some others we haven't seen before.  Next, we're checking out "Harvey," the one with James Stewart and the imaginary rabbit.  Daddy hasn't seen that one before.  Anyway, it was a nice evening together, and a nice day together as a family.  It's been eight years of joy for us.  We can't remember so much what it was like before June 30, 2008 - without Madison.  She's been such a blessing in our lives!

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