Friday, July 1, 2016

Agent Carly

Back to the pool again, learning to swim today.  It has been pretty hot outside lately, but the rain is supposed to be coming in soon.  It's almost too hot to even go out and swim, believe it or  not.  We like to go swimming at 6:00 or even 7:00, while it is still warm, but not scorching hot.

It turns out our visit to the pool had good timing to it.  There was an ice cream truck pulling into the neighborhood, so Daddy got Madison and himself some ice cream.  Taking it a step further, he got the ice cream truck to deliver one to Mommy as a surprise!

It was a nice time at the pool, where Madison has been getting further and further across the pool.  Daddy is with her every step of the way, but for the most part she can touch the bottom if necessary.  Daddy is with her though, as you could imagine, because he's fairly overprotective there.  Some folks just toss their kids into the pool, and that's how they learn to swim.  Daddy doesn't specifically remember learning to swim - I just did it.  But Madison is starting out the same way, getting comfortable swimming under the water, diving down - even in between the legs of Mommy or Daddy as we stand in the pool.  She loves that.  Most of the time, we just toss a sponge football back and forth, usually making a splash.

The day ended with some more LEGO Marvel Avengers, which gave us a chance to make up new characters like Agent Carly.  She's like Agent Carter, but Madison named her Agent Carly because she likes the sound of it.  Other heroes were named Nightshade, and of course you need to not tangle with the one named "Clarence."  Trust us on that one.

We ended our day with Mary Poppins and a devotional reading as always.  It was a good day for us all, a day at work, and a restful day at home.  It's summer break, and that's how it'll be the next few weeks, I suspect.  Or at least I hope!

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