Friday, July 15, 2016

Mario Tennis 64

Once again, we were doing tennis early this morning, and just as with swimming, Madison did really well returning serves and keeping the ball going back and forth.  And she was having a great time doing it.  The temperature, even in the morning, gets hot.  But we're not in direct sunlight at that time - not yet - so it isn't quite as bad as it is at 9:30 am and beyond.  Seriously, I can't imagine anyone out there playing tennis on the courts.  Even Madison starts complaining if we're out there too long in the sun.

It's a good thing the pool is right there.  We did go swimming a little later on, and she's showing remarkable progress with her swimming skills.  She's doing really well, keeping above water and getting more comfortable.  To think we almost had these costly lessons, which I'm sure are worth it, but she's been determined and managed to get all this done on her own!

This morning, tennis camp concluded with some more Mario Tennis 64.  Madison really likes this game - it's easy to pick up on, with a slow learning curve that gets you sucked in, getting you hooked and wanting to play more and more.  I'll have to go find this for the GameCube.  We had a version of it for the 64, and it's just been fun hooking that old game system up.  I mean, we're talking twenty years ago!  Daddy nearly wept when he saw the gold cartridge he has of "Ocarina of Time," perfectly preserved along with the perfectly preserved box of "Mario 64."  Legendary games!  We'll be doing a bit more N64 in the coming weeks, as it is something Madison is really liking!

In the meantime, Daddy is working, getting ready for services and more.  We have a few upcoming events that are dominating the calendar, and a vacation thrown in for good measure.  It was a busy day for Daddy, and one for Mommy as well, who is getting us all packed and ready to go!

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