Monday, July 11, 2016

Daddy's Tennis Camp

Welcome to Daddy's Tennis Camp!  This week, we're setting the alarm for 7:00 am each day, heading out to the courts for Daddy's version of tennis lessons.  This is all based on the tennis lessons we observed last year, from forehands, to backhands, to set position, and so on.  Tennis camp is more though:  we have tennis-themed coloring sheets, and something new from the past.  Daddy plugged in the N64, and this week we'll be playing Mario Tennis!

To cool off afterwards, we headed to the pool for some more swimming fun.  Madison had some more great progress learning to stay floating today, and we had a good time making fun of our inactive/inert lifeguard, who loves long breaks.

We got home and kept busy again,this time by creating a lava lamp!  This was a project that Madison got in the mail from Tinker Crate.  It demonstrated various densities of liquids, and of course looks cool in the end .  To keep with that 60's theme, we even watched a few episodes of "The Monkees."  Madison likes Davy Jones the best.  Not the Pirate.  The singer/actor.

We even went to Dairy Queen today, although we each had yet again another disappointing Blizzard. This was a new location, and yet again, a bad Blizzard.  The days of a good Blizzard may be drawing to a close.  😢

Regardless, it was still a great day.  We're going to bed early, as we have tennis camp again tomorrow!  And we have a new decoration in the house now too.  A little retro night light!

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