Thursday, July 14, 2016

Snowflakes in July

You should see the rest of these snowflakes that Madison has been cutting out.  This is one above, but the others are just as great.  She's spent the last three days cutting out these snowflakes in her spare time, and they're all over the place, like a scene in the movie "Elf."  She had Daddy scan each one this morning, just to show off a bit.  She did a great job!

Today, we had a lot of fun with a zoetrope!  Part of our Tinker Crate projects was constructing a working zoetrope, which we spent time doing.  Then the fun part came:  making animations!  Mommy, Daddy and Madison each spent some time this afternoon drawing up some animations.  This would be Madison's first animation, actually.  Which is kind of like the history of animation itself, when you think of it!  Anyway, her first creation was a character apparently chewing on something.  And it turned out great - Daddy filmed it, and will be posting it here shortly.

We did a few other things today, including speech therapy down in Alpharetta.  That went well, with Madison working on the letter "r" some more, just like a good pirate should.  Arrr!  We went to the pool and the tennis courts as well, hitting the ball back and forth some, followed by swimming across the pool now.  She's doing such a great job learning to swim.  Daddy stays right there beside her, ready to catch her if she has trouble, but she hasn't had any trouble.  And in return for the long journey across the pool, her motivation was the chance to splash Daddy thirty times.  Yes, Daddy had to sit there on the receiving end of thirty direct hits with water.  It was brutal, but it was fun too - Madison earned it, and was quite proud of herself.

Tonight, we watched a few more episodes of "The Monkees" together, with Madison laughing out loud.  The extra benefit of tonight was the foot bath we brought down.  This is a device Mommy got for Christmas a few years ago, one that massages her feet with warm water jets.  Madison loves putting her feet in it as well.  The two of them were sitting, enjoying the shows and getting their feet massaged by warm water.

And yes, Madison likes Davy Jones the best.  Because, according to her, he always gets the girls.

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