Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Return of the Torch

Tonight, Daddy asked Mr. Gerry to come back with the Olympic torch from his part of the relay in the 2012 London Olympic Games.  Can you believe it has already been four years since he was last here?  He was happy to come back, and it was really great to have him with us.  We were speaking on stage for a bit about carrying the torch, and as you can see afterwards, he posed with the kids, letting them each hold the Olympic torch once more.  It was pretty cool, and just something extra fun with this Olympic-themed series.  Madison had a good night - we had great skits, and a great message about gymnastics, one where we showed a few clips about Gabby Douglas, who of course was the gold medalist from the 2012 London Olympics.  She has an inspirational story, so it was just awesome to have that as a theme for the night as well.  All in all, this Olympic series has been so solid.  But just wait until this weekend when we have the return of the Men's Synchronized Swimming Team!

This morning, we had our tennis camp continue.  Daddy had some coloring sheets afterwards, pictures of Hello Kitty playing tennis.  I'm sure Madison was doing a bit of Mario Tennis as well.  But she was also doing some productive things, such as helping Mommy out with packing and cleaning the house up.  There was also some piano class, and more snowflakes.  She got this snowflake pattern book at Christmas time, and now that it is only five months away, she figures it is not too early to start making a whole lot of snowflakes.  Soon, the house will look like Buddy the Elf was here.

It was a fun day, although a long one.  We had a pretty lengthy meeting recapping Summer Xtreme - which, I might add, we're not done with quite yet.  Not completely. There is still a Summer Xtreme planned for our KidPak in Spartanburg. Stay tuned on that one!

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