Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monkee Mania

Nutcracker camp continues, where Madison has found friends and fun - and a bit of work.  This is more of a week of training, but she's enjoying in nonetheless.  There's only one break, I think, and this much has been noted when Madison gets home.  Still, she loves being a part of it, and is excited about dancing in the Nutcracker.  Already, costume details are trickling in - and one exciting prop is the umbrella that Madison carries in with her.

She was drawing Lilo from "Lilo and Stitch" when Daddy got home for a break.  He's been busy setting up for all kinds of things, including a massive day of printing things for upcoming events.  Tonight, it was Taco Tuesday.  Daddy cooks the beef for that and Mommy gets the other elements together - it's a group effort.

Our computer is not waking up from it's vacation slumber.  This is troubling, as we have a lot of pictures on it.  Hoping this works out in the end.  Daddy keeps rebooting the thing, with different results each time.  Hopefully one time, we'll win that lottery and get the computer up and going long enough to get those pictures off of it.

Tonight, Madison wanted to watch more episodes of "The Monkees."  This much should be obvious if you've been with her lately. She laughs out loud at some of their antics.  But then again, so does Daddy and Mommy.  It's just weird having a bit of Monkee Mania fifty years later.

One more bit of bad news:  Sodapalooza is about to end.  This isn't exactly bad news, as Daddy is pretty bored with it at this point!  Madison ended up with Peach Mango and the Arnold Palmer mix as her favorites.  On the way home from work, Daddy fills her cup, and delivers a delicious tall drink when he gets home.

We read some more tonight, getting closer to finishing "Mathilda," which has been a great read.  The movie is a bit different towards the end, showing a bit more of Mathilda's powers.  But otherwise, they're both a good investment in time.  This year, the surprise is reading Dahl's books.  They've been really fun for all of us.

After prayer and devotional time, Madison went to sleep as Mommy and Daddy snuck down stairs to catch up on the Convention speeches we missed during vacation.  Here's where the Presidential election season really gets cooking, and where all the venom starts flying.  It's probably good for your health to get off of social media, and not watch the news for a while.  At least, that's Daddy's plan.  Our minds were made up a long time ago, so why bother with the back and forth that goes on during an election.  So much anger - not from candidates, but from all sorts of people, even those we know.  Anyway, we're heading to bed with peace in our hearts.  Despite a bad computer and the end of Sodapalooza.  At least we have the Monkees!

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